You’ve finally done it! You’ve gone ahead and purchased your very first, stainless steel, beautiful, high-technology, dual espresso machine maker. You did all of the research and found the best espresso machine on the market. But now, the machines coming and you realize that you’ve only ever had espresso at Starbucks. You have no idea what beans to get, and when you start to search, you find that there actually is a surprisingly overwhelming selection in espresso beans. Instead of buying the typical name brand Starbucks or Caribou beans, you need something that is unique, like you. Something that will stand out and make you really and truly enjoy your new espresso machine. You need the best espresso beans.

Traditional large chain coffee shops tend to give you beans that have been far more processed then you care to even know. This leads to a bitter and burnt taste in the coffee. Sadly, so many of us are used to this flavor that we’ve lost the taste for what a true, fresh, cup of espresso should taste like. Here is a list of some of the best espresso beans that will ensure fabulous flavor and delicious espresso every time.

Our first pick is the . This bag of delicious and aromatic espresso will be sure to give you that strong flavor that you’ve always desired in a cup of espresso. The Lavazza Super Creama beans go far past their wholesalers counterparts like Starbucks to ensure they bring you excellent quality. This is the blend for those who want a traditional espresso coffee that has a full, rich taste without a hint of bitterness. Super Crema’s cup characteristics include sweet aroma and sharp flavor, as well as an easily attainable thick, compact crema. With such a flavor of natural sweetness it’s easy to enjoy a cup of this without adding any sugar. Don’t be discouraged if you see the beans are lighter in color than expected. Darker beans tend to clog auto-espresso machines, so the light color is good for your machine.


  • Strong flavor
  • No sugar needed


  • Lighter color beans are misleading

Next on our list of the best espresso beans is the . This bag of espresso delight is roasted fresh immediately prior to packaging. The beans are slow-roasted, which brings out a fuller and more well-rounded flavor. As always, the beans come whole so that they stay fresher longer, and their packaging system ensures for optimal freshness as well. For this brand, it’s the most popular of flavors of their espresso beans. It features a blend of Italian roasted beans that are very oily and black in color. The deep color makes for a very heavy and rich flavor, which is ideal for a deep and strong espresso or even an iced coffee. This Italian roast bean is truly a dark roast flavor. If you are someone who tends to lean more to lighter type of roasts, then this is definitely not the bean for you. For those who like a little punch in their morning cup-o’-joe, this is definitely your best bet for ultimate flavor and satisfaction.

Do keep in mind, that getting oily and dark beans, although tasty, they have been known to clog automatic espresso machines. Make sure that if you use beans of this description that you are cleaning out your whole bean grinder regularly. They do slide freely around, but after quite a few grinds, it’s safest to clean it to avoid getting future clogs from the oils.


  • Dark roast
  • Well-rounded flavor
  • Works great in all espresso machines


  • Dark and oily
  • Can clog machines
  • Very strong flavor

We’ve reviewed some good options, but don’t stop there. You have to check out the . This 2.2 pound bag is a blend of smooth Brazilian coffees, Central American milds, and delicate sweet Indonesian varieties.

It takes the best from all the best coffee countries and blends it into one velvety creama with long-lasting taste. The beans are not oily and greasy like some of it’s darker roasting counterparts, making it a nice fresh and flavor cup of light coffee without the hassle of clogging the automatic espresso machine. The beans are more of a medium to dark brown color that is uniformly roasted and provide excellent quality and flavor to every cup.


  • Combination of well-known blends
  • Light roast
  • Will not clog machine


  • Light roast
  • More acidic than other flavors

Last on our list of excellent espresso bean options to fulfill your every waking coffee desire, is the . We love this medium roast coffee. It’s roots are deeply anchored in Africa, Indonesia, and the Americas. It has an exceptionally smooth blend that offers a lifeline of rich, sweet, cocoa taste. This medium blend is the perfect middle-of-the-road cup of coffee. It’s not too strong that it tastes burnt, and not to light that it tastes and looks like water.

It is a heavenly fruit and cocoa medium blend coffee that makes for a delicious way to stat every morning. You’ll even want to get out of bed just to try another cup of these espresso beans. These beans are organic, fair trade, and roasted in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Don’t be weary though, thinking that because it’s a medium roast it’s not going to give it all of the flavor you desire. This coffee has a loyal following from its consumers and consistently provides you with a bold, smooth, and adventurous flavor. On top of all of it’s great qualities, it also has a fun name and cute logo.


  • Fair Trade
  • Organic
  • Medium Blend
  • Cocoa Flavor
  • Loyal Following


  • Don’t over roast

Like I said, we would find you the best espresso beans and here it is! Take your pick and enjoy your newfound favorite morning routine!

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