When it comes to high-end espresso machines, it’s pretty hard to go wrong buying any one of them. With a surprising amount of options offered, you’re really only limited to deciding what kind of extra features you want, such as removable drip trays, clean me lights, water filters, etc. To make life easier in buying the perfect Italian espresso machine, we have actually just found the perfect one for you.

is a can’t-beat-buy. It’ has over 14 features and comes in three-color choices, so it matches any kitchen décor.

Barista Express Espresso Machine with Grinder

We’ll start by talking about one of key features of any high-end Italian espresso machine. The grinder. If you’re going to go the extra mile and invest in an amazing piece of kitchen accessory such as this, then you better buy one that has a grinder. Coffee & espresso tastes better coming straight from the whole bean, so don’t waste your time getting one without it. The integrated conical burr grinder on this particular machine optimizes the extraction of flavor from the bean by maximizing the surface area of the grinds. It uses fresh ground beans for every shot of espresso giving your cup a more full espresso flavor. It also has an easy removal, storage, and bean transfer system in it to make your life easier.

The grind size and amount of grind from the burr grinder can be easily selected using the selector dials. You just choose among the grind settings from fine to coarse and adjust the amount of freshly ground espresso beans that gets dosed into the filter basket. With the added feature of the hands-free grinding cradle, you simply push the portafilter into cradle and freshly ground espresso beans will be dispensed directly into the filter. The grinder automatically will stop when the selected amount has been dispensed.

With 67 fl. Oz in the top-fill removable water tank, you can be making espressos for a long time. But this tank is also easily removed and the filter can be replaced to ensure reduction in impurities and scale.

Other extremely handy, and noteworthy features of this machine is the volumetric control that allows you to program and reprogram 1 and 2 cup volumes, the stainless steel water coil heating system that actually controls water temperature, the clean me light so you know when it’s ready to be taken care of, the cleaning kit that comes with it to make your life easier, a 360-degree swivel action steam wand for milk texturing, automatic purge function and removable drip tray.

Wow. That is a lot of added features for an Italian espresso machine of this stature. You’ll truly be serving friends and family professionally made Italian espresso’s in no time.

As with any one of these high-end at home Italian espresso machines, we do not recommend that you use this for commercial use. It’s much slower than it’s corporate-use counter parts, but perfect for home use as you (hopefully) won’t have ten people waiting in line for a cup. The other downside to this machine is that it does weigh in at 29 pounds. So once it’s on your counter, it’s definitely going to want to be left there.


  • removable water tank
  • built-in grinder
  • filter size button
  • volumetric control
  • thermocoil heating system
  • clean me & empty me indicators
  • removable drip tray


  • Heavy
  • Not for commercial use

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